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(888) 417-7965
Our sales team is trainned on the field by engineers so they can understand what takes to deploy WiFi and Headends for hotels.

WiFi for Hotels

Wireless Concepts WiFi provides equipments and services to connect your hotel and your guests to the Internet wirelessly. We customize WiFi access for your hotel or resort's guest rooms & suites, conference rooms, business centers,  lobby, conference
rooms, ballroom, bar or lounge.
Wireless Concepts does all the management 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We ensure that the Hotel WiFi network infrastructure is scalable and your investment is protected plus we support your customers and our systems are affordable.

We believe in quality and reliability therefore we only work with Cisco Access Points and Routers. It does not mean we cannot meet your target cost.

If you are looking for a WiFi solution installed at your hotel please call us at 888-417-7965 or click here to email us.
 CATV Headend for Hotels
The Headend is the heart of Cable TV system (whether the
signals are analog or digital). It handles many functions
including reception and processing of broadcast or “off-air”
television signals and reception, decryption and modulation of
satellite delivered programming in preparation for distribution
to your guests.
Whether analog or HDTV we can execute your headend. Give us a call and request a quote.

We offer Managed Services plans that give you peace of mind because you transfer the risk of “ownership” from your hotel to us.
Your hotel’s network architecture is an essential component to your business success. It requires routine maintenance to keep the network infrastructure working at peak performance. Wireless Concepts remotely monitors the overall health of your network around the clock for any signs of trouble.
Hotel Headend and Hotel WiFi are our expertise!

Wireless Concepts
offers Hotel WiFi consulting services crafted specifically for hotels, Multi-Dwelling Units - MDU and Property Management Companies.
Wireless Concepts - Wireless is Limitless